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Earthly Perspective

Earthly Perspective is a non-profit online magazine aimed to promote environmental education with a particular emphasis on environmental sciences& engineering. Despite the country’s poor environmental conditions, fewer are aware of the adverse effects on the entire world.

To induce the science culture in the communities and to enhance the public understanding of the environmental problems, Earthly Perspective magazine aims to highlight the evidence of environmental causes behind various destructive events and diseases worldwide.

Despite of highlighting the various environmental dilemmas in the county Earthly Perspective also focused on sharing scientists’ stories who dedicated their lives in the development of various innovations to rehabilitate the environment.

By educating the public about the environmental problems and their solutions through our online platform, also, to foster the culture of scientific thinking and science journalism to produce intellectual sound scientists, science communicators, sustainability enthusiasts, and environmental engineers for making earth habitable planet again.

Board of Directors

Rabia Nusrat

Founder & Managing Director

Barb Bradbury


Kevin Bradbury


Dr. Asim Khan


Dr. Amir Ikhlaq


Dr. Saqib Nawaz


Fahad Hassan Shah

Co-founder and Director Training

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