Aero Engine Craft/ Contrail-free Aero-engines: A Revolution in the Aviation Industry

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The world is shifting to electric cars to reduce the impact of climate change but no one is talking about the impacts the aviation industry is having on the environment. In such times, Dr. Sarah steps up and finds a way to not only reduce the environmental pollution caused by the aircraft engines but also produce artificial rain by inventing a unique device that can produce contrail-free aero-engines.

Dr. Sarah Qureshi is the founder and CEO of Islamabad based research and development company named “Aero Engine Craft Pvt Ltd”. Sarah completed her undergrad from NUST college of engineering and then joined Cranfield University UK. Sarah assisted the inventor with patenting the contrail-free aero-engine during her Ph.D. research. The invention has been granted two international patents and has tremendous potential in bringing about an environmental revolution in the context of aviation. After completing a Ph.D. in jet propulsion systems, she founded her startup and is now working day and night to bring a revolution in the aviation industry.

She has invented multiple technologies at Aero Engine Craft including a QE6 twin-cylinder transfer piston engine that can be used in small-scale vehicles from loader vehicles to mini-buses. Along with Mr. Masood Latif Qureshi, she has also developed the test rigs and rotary engines.

Above all these achievements comes her distinction, that is the invention of contrail-free aircraft engines. These engines can create artificial rain and reduce the bad impacts of aircraft engine emissions. The emissions of an aircraft contain water in vapor form and it forms the contrails that are visible from the ground. These contrails not only waste water but also take part in climate change and global warming. The device Dr. Sarah proposed can store the water vapors from emissions (making the engine contrail-free) and then release them in the lower atmosphere to cause artificial rain. This is an absolute marvel of engineering and she believes that it has great business potential too.

Her work has been featured at multiple national and international forums. She has been included in the top 100 professionals in aerospace & aviation to follow on LinkedIn in 2021, she is also working as an ambassador for Solar Impulse for its program of finding 1000 green solutions, her work has been featured in Dubai Expo 2020 in Pakistan pavilion and she is also working as a visiting fellow at Cranfield University.

Apart from her endeavors in aviation & aerospace, she is very active in supporting, guiding, and mentoring the youth in their startups and innovation endeavors. She recently participated in the National Idea Bank Competition as a mentor and a judge.


Authors: This article has been written and condensed by Dr. Sarah Qureshi and Farah Khalid. Farah Khalid is an Environmental Scientist who recently completed her research in the field of wastewater treatment.

Editors: Rabia Nusrat and Mansoor Ahmad Majeed

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