Know Your Tap Water

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In Pakistan, most of the population lacks access to safe drinking water. Among various kinds of contaminants, bacteriological contamination causes the highest contribution towards the issue of water contamination. These bacteria cause diseases like Diarrhea, Polio, Dysentery, Hepatitis A, Giardiasis etc. According to UNICEF, seventy percent of households drink bacterially contaminated water and 53,000 children under age five die annually due to poor water and sanitation. The two main sources that contribute to water contamination are improper sewage management and disposal of toxins from industrial, municipal and agricultural sources. In 2008, National Standards for Drinking Water Quality were published by Pakistan Environment Protection Agency. However, the country struggles to provide access to safe and affordable drinking water for all.

You might be drinking contaminated water unknowingly. Maybe you want someone to help you through the process and make sure that you and your community are drinking safe water? Are you worried about the health of you family, friends, and community? Are you drinking RO treated water and worried about the mineral content of water? Then Earthly Perspective is here to take care of your drinking water problems! We care about your health and the health of your communities.
Fill the form below and get step by step guide to solve your drinking water problems for free from our experts! After getting help you are encouraged to help your poor communities and help them to get safe drinking water.
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